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Archive | February, 2013

The Fisk Jubilee Singers

Immediately following the end of the Civil War, some very determined former slaves made up their minds to form the very first University specifically for black Americans. Fisk University was founded in 1866 in Nashville, Tennessee and it still stands today. While “Reconstruction” was meant to come to the South, the university itself was soon  Full Article…


The lyrics to Bura Fera

Bura Fera, sometimes called Ngarra Burra Ferra, is a traditional Yorta Yorta song, the language spoken by the Indigenous peoples of the Goulburn Valley and Murray Valleys centred around modern-day Echuca. The history of Bura Fera suggests a story that stretches across several continents and thousands of years. Womriga Moses yinin walla Walla yupna yeipuch  Full Article…

Letter from Thomas James

Morell Street Mooroopna 8th May 34   Dear Mrs Matthews, Your letter to hand and I sincerely thank you for every bit of news you send me about dear Mr Matthews and of his wonderful wife and family, one and all so truly consecrated to God. For rearing such a family there is a great  Full Article…