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The Australian Aborigines Amelioration Association

The article reads: Requests to Federal Minister. The annual meeting of the Australian Aborigines’ Amelioration Association was held in the Burt Memorial Hall last night, the Rev. A. Muriel, B.A., presiding. The annual report, extracts from which have already been published in ‘The West Australian’ was presented by the honorary secretary (Mr. N. M. Morley)  Full Article…


The Day of Mourning

The transcription reads: BLACK MAN’S VIEWPOINT 1 50 th Anniversary Observance Day of Mourning MELBOURNE, November 12. Plans for-the observance by abori- gines throughout Australia of a day of mourning ?. simultaneously with the 150th anniversary-celebrations in Syd- ney were announced at a meeting to- night convened by tho Australian Aborigines’. League. j, “While white  Full Article…


Reactions to the Petition

The sheer daring of the Petition seemed to spark interest from all quarters. The fact that Cooper was so politely asking for permission seemed to create its own publicity.


Shadrach James warns of Annihilation

The war years saw that voices of Aboriginal dissent were silenced. But with the return of peace, a clear statement demanding justice for Australia’s first peoples. Interesting, though, that it is what you might expect to be Australia’s conservative institutions – the church and, still more shocking, the Country Women’s Association – that are hosting  Full Article…


Shadrach James Responds to the Bleakley Report

Was it one conference or was it two? Either way, Shadrach James had the chance to talk to politicians as well as missionaries. And the Herald of Melbourne gave his talk a thorough report. And, now that he’s talking to politicians, he’s notably positive about missionaries. ABORIGINE WANTS M.P. FOR. NATIVES “My People Seek Part  Full Article…


Shadrach Livingstone James Lectures the Missionaries

In April 1929, Shadrach Livingston James was invited to address the Australian National Missionary Council. The delicious inversion of the expected roles seems to have attracted attention of journalists. And his comments were reported in Sun on 12 April 1929. In his talk, he makes a brutal statement about white mistreatment of Aborigines. His talk seems to  Full Article…