Atrocities and confession in Northern Victoria

There are stories up around North-Central Victoria and even right across the country of black shoots.

One story comes to mind. A man who used to go to church in regional Victoria many years ago. On his death bed spoke to an Aboriginal pastor. He told of how after church on Sunday, the men from his church would ride out with their guns and go on hunting expeditions.

That is, hunting Blacks.

This kid, growing up, saw his father and the other men from his childhood church going out on hunts and wanting to be part of it. When he got to around sixteen year old, his father said, “Okay son, you’re old enough to come with us now, do you want to come out with the hunting party?”

He turned to his father and said, “No. I realise what you do now, I don’t agree with it and I don’t want to do it.”

In telling this story he apologised or tried to make amends, of sorts, to an Aboriginal pastor for what his father and others were doing to the Aboriginal people where he grew up.

This was happening in North Central Victoria which could have been in Bangerang country. He was 91 year old in the 1980s. So it was the very early 1900s or late 1800’s when this was going on. The men went out and shot as many men, women and children as possible on these black hunts or black shoots. There’s been no recognition of these things, by the government or by the public. But it’s is documented and widely known in the Aboriginal Communities.


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    Mans inhumanity to man.

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