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Letter from Thomas James

Morell Street Mooroopna 8th May 34   Dear Mrs Matthews, Your letter to hand and I sincerely thank you for every bit of news you send me about dear Mr Matthews and of his wonderful wife and family, one and all so truly consecrated to God. For rearing such a family there is a great inheritance there is a great inheritance prepared for your saintly husband. Maloga is never out of my mind. I often visit that happy place in my mind and it is so realistic! and recall the truly happy days and joyous fellowship we had had there. Living as I am at the age of 79, awaiting the Home call; standing on the threshold of other words I cannot help thinking what a wonderful gathering, what a wonderful reunion that will be when you with your dear ones and I with my loved ones shall fall at the feet of Jesus, now Lord of Lords and King of Kings and render unto Him the true acceptable worship we had not be able to give on account of our clogging [sp?] flesh. We shall then stand amidst the realm of glorious actualities and eternal realities and glorify Him forever. I appreciate deeply the portion in John’s Gospel you have selected and sent for our study and meditation. My grown up sons and daughters living as they are away from me I cannot get them together for regular united study of the scripture you have sent. I hope however, to draw their attention to the striking clauses and words therin. The thought my Lord God and Saviour Jesus will come for me Himself – for me a saved sinner thrills me with unutterable joy. It is sweet to Know, coming as it does from your own lips how the children of dear old Maloga –_Honor, Gretta, John, Alma, Gowan – loved my Kind way of teaching – it is a Very cheering testimony. I had always labored earnestly and conscientiously every endeavouring to attract the attention of my pupils – to the Beauty of Jesus but I had often been cast down because I could see no visible results. I thank the Lord for your testimony concerning my usefulness in days gone by, it is as refreshing rest in the oasis after weary travelling in the desert. For the detailed information concerning Mrs Ferguson and family I thakn you but I noticed the omission of Mr Ferguson. You will all, I am sure, be very sorry to hear of the dreadful misfortune that came across our pathway about two months ago. A terrrifc fire broke out in our eight-roomed cottage and burnt it down to the ground. Nearly a hundred people – our Kind  and sympathetic neighbours – came around and assisted – by saving much of our belongings and thereby softened our trouble. We must not complain it is just a small measure of God’s chastening love. Now about the churches, it is really painful to refer to them and their activities. I a, let me say, without boasting, a Very regular attendant and am an earnest listener but cannot get what my soul really wants – my soul longs for more facts about the Coming King, His glorious reign here, and the glorious provision he has made for my future. The preachers here, most of them of university qualifications, are quite satisfied to preach scholarly sermons but – the One thing needful – the message to rouse a slumbering sinner, to comfort a weary pilgrim is lacking. I thank you for the beautiful snap. Dear Mrs John appears quite a giant in it. Mr Burdeu thought of you when he wrote to me last week and thought you were only 70 years of age. God bless you all! Your brother in Christ Thos. S. James    


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