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“White and aboriginal evangelists”

The very word “evangelist” evokes the picture of a white man. But for most of Australia’s modern history, they’ve been black and white. Even in the early days of Maloga, many Aboriginals chose to become teachers of the Gospel of Jesus, sent out with full authority to spread the good news. In the Normal Collection  Full Article…


Shadrach James warns of Annihilation

The war years saw that voices of Aboriginal dissent were silenced. But with the return of peace, a clear statement demanding justice for Australia’s first peoples. Interesting, though, that it is what you might expect to be Australia’s conservative institutions – the church and, still more shocking, the Country Women’s Association – that are hosting  Full Article…


Shadrach James Responds to the Bleakley Report

Was it one conference or was it two? Either way, Shadrach James had the chance to talk to politicians as well as missionaries. And the Herald of Melbourne gave his talk a thorough report. And, now that he’s talking to politicians, he’s notably positive about missionaries. ABORIGINE WANTS M.P. FOR. NATIVES “My People Seek Part  Full Article…