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Kitty, the great mother

Of all the matriarchs in recent Indigenous history, few are more significant than Kitty. She was the Mother of William Cooper, was born in the early to mid 1820s, before settlement, or white settlement in that area. Kitty was from the Wollithiga or Wallithica Tribe. Kitty, it is said, was born near the Moira Lakes,  Full Article…


Petition to the King – the Commonwealth is stumped

We might say William Cooper was the cat, and the entire Executive and Bureaucratic branches of the Commonwealth were the pigeons. As these documents from the National Archives of Australia show. The business, started with William Cooper and his Australian Aborigines’ League. Cooper had initiated the collection of signatures as early as 1933. No doubt  Full Article…


The Day of Mourning

The transcription reads: BLACK MAN’S VIEWPOINT 1 50 th Anniversary Observance Day of Mourning MELBOURNE, November 12. Plans for-the observance by abori- gines throughout Australia of a day of mourning ?. simultaneously with the 150th anniversary-celebrations in Syd- ney were announced at a meeting to- night convened by tho Australian Aborigines’. League. j, “While white  Full Article…


Reactions to the Petition

The sheer daring of the Petition seemed to spark interest from all quarters. The fact that Cooper was so politely asking for permission seemed to create its own publicity.


William Cooper Persuades a Missionary

William Cooper may have become friends with the missionary, Rev John Gribble, in the 1870s at Maloga. But he also cultivated a warm friendship with that churchman’s son, Rev E. R. B. Gribble, who also became a missionary. By the 1930s, Cooper was an ageing man in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne; Gribble a determined  Full Article…