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As settlement impacted the Wemba Wemba people in the Victorian era, many found refuge in the Werai forests. In the late 1870s some 80 Aboriginal people moved to missions and reserves in the surrounding area, particularly at Moonahcullah. It’s also possible that many Indigenous people moved there from the Lake Boga Mission, a Moravian ministry  Full Article…

Aboriginals as Saviours

The Reverend E. R. B. Gribble spent his younger years as a stockman. But he was persuaded by his father to help run the Mission. Drawing on a lifetime of experience, he writes what may be called a dissenting opinion. Challenging the common prejudice against Aboriginal capability. And doing so, not with theory, but with  Full Article…


Contact on the Missions

It’s the accepted historical orthodoxy to say that Aboriginal missions were bad. Very bad. But we must be clear on our terms. What do we mean by a “mission”? It seems that there have been at least three types of places. Those that were 1. Government owned and government run with no Christian influence (Moorundie,  Full Article…