The Australian Aborigines Amelioration Association

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954), Friday 19 October 1934, page 11

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 – 1954), Friday 19 October 1934, page 11

The article reads:

Requests to Federal Minister.

The annual meeting of the Australian Aborigines’ Amelioration Association was held in the Burt Memorial Hall last night, the Rev. A. Muriel, B.A., presiding.

The annual report, extracts from which have already been published in ‘The West Australian’ was presented by the honorary secretary (Mr. N. M. Morley) and adopted, together with the financial statement presented by, the honorary treasurer (Mrs. McKenna). In the dis cussion on the report it , was suggested by the Rev. C. S. Hardy; M.A., that the Government should be asked to earmark immediately more funds for work, among the natives, especially in view of the ex penses incurred in connexion with the Royal Commission. Among, the resolutions carried were the following: ‘That this association convey, its con gratulations to the new Minister of the Interior on his assumption of office and that his attention be drawn to previous communications from this association to his predecessor, particularly -asking huh : to give consideration to the fol- lowing requests: (i) That a searching inquiry into the administration of justice in the North ern Territory be instituted r (2): that the present judge should not preside over cases in which natives are im plicated, or in which a knowledge of native customs and tribal laws is re quired; (3) ‘that special courts of jus tice for the trial of native prisoners as asked for by numerous ‘ organisations from time to time be established; (4) that the convictions of aborigines now serving life, or long-term sentences, or who have been condemned to death in the Northern. Territory,! and whose crimes may ‘ have been committed through interference with their women be reconsidered with a view to possible pardons; and return to their own tribal areas.-; ‘ . . ,.??-. That this association convey its greetings to Mr. William Cooper, of Melbourne,, and .othet. members of the native population of, Australia who are now travelling from, then* respective StatesXto meet him in conference prior ? to: their visiting Canberra to wait in – deputation upon the. Prime Minister of . AustraUa;% and that this, association ex press its good wishes to the delegation, ‘ and. Its hotfe that the authorities will receive these representatives of a long . suffering ‘and ^inarticulate ? . race:’, j with . sympathy and understanding. It was mentioned that -the We6t. Aus tralian representative on the ‘native deputation was Mr. N. Harris, who had left for the Eastern States on Tuesday, and that Queensland would be repre sented by the Rev. Jas. Noble, ‘ The’ expenses’ ot the* deputation were being borne, it was stated,, by the members themselves. ., ‘ ‘..- \. \v ‘ The’ following officers’-’ were elected:— President, the Archbishop of Perth (Dr. Le Fanu);’ vice-presidents, the Rev. A. Muriel, pA. and Rev. C-S: Hardy, M.A., and Mrs.’ M, B; Vallancer honorary secre tary, Mr. N^M- Morley; honorary ‘treas- urer, Mrs.- Mc’Kennai&-^£ in-” ?’. ??„ ? ‘




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